Indian Bridal Hairstyles 2023 for Long Hair

It is always said that the ideal length of hair for wedding hair style is always long. Mostly all Indian women are obsessed with long hair yet they are also crazy about their hair cut. But when the wedding day gets nearer, the family restricts the bride to have a hair cut and shorten the length of hair because they think that the longer your hair is, the more options you have for bridal hair style. It is not so in modern times. The length of hair is no more an issue because you can have equally good bridal hair style with long and short hair. Many of the bridal hair styles for short hair are common in West but they can also work for Indian Brides. Here are some of the trendy hairstyles for long and short hair that Indian brides would surely love to have on their Wedding day.

  • If you have very short front with any of the long and short hair at the back, you can use some decorative accessories for front. Make a bun at the back; you can use some decorative accessories for front. Make a bun at the back with comparatively long hair. Tie the front with the fancy band or traditional jewelry items for Indian brides that is teeka and jhumer which matches your dress. There are a variety of hair accessories available especially for short hair. You can choose any of the bands, studs, stars, clips, butterflies or pins that goes best with your dress, make up and jewelry. With the simple hairstyles and fancy accessories, your short hair will look fabulous on your wedding day.
  • Flowers are best options to decorate your hair with, its add freshness and elegance to your hair style, For long hair make a Swiss bun or curled buns and add fresh flowers on one side. For short hair have a high backcombing at front and fix flowers at its edges on the back in the form of band. You have to choose flowers that matches the color of your outfit.
  • If you have a net head cover, accessorize your hair at the back with shiny studs that come with a clip to hold tiny strands of hair. These studs are easy to fix. Tie your hair in the way you want and highlight it with studs.
  • For super long hair make a bun with half of the hair on the top of your head leaving the full length hair on back. Curl these hairs and set them on one side. Add some strings of flowers in them also. Its look great with long hair.

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