How to Wear Over the knee Socks with Shorts

Fashion is a necessary part of women life and they different fashion experiments Fashion runway is a big source of introduce new trend because beautiful models showcase new things through catwalk. Usually the fashion things which introduce through runway such as dresses ,shoes ,handbags, watches ,jewelry ,makeup kits and many more. Fashion and style change with season like spring, winter, summer and autumn. But here we share with you how to wear over the knee socks with shorts. Over the knee socks can not wear with every type of outfit because it’s so long and cover most of legs.

  • Knee high socks are a different fashion statement and give you a school going girl look. So that’s women who want top carry this fashion statement should already know how to wear them shorts.

Tips to Wear Over the Knee Socks with Shorts:

One can remember an important thing that is before trying any fashion you should already know the full detail of wearing.


Perfect shoes works very well with over the knee socks and you must try ankle boots, wedge heel booties with buckle, suede heels, workers boots, lace up boots, platforms shoes and many more.

Type of Shorts Looking Great with Over the Knee Socks:

There are so many types of shorts which could be wear with over the knee socks and create a marvelous look. Let’s check out below………….

  • Skater skirt
  • Roll shorts
  • Vintage shorts
  • High waisted shorts
  • Polka dot shorts
  • Levis short
  • Vintage leather shorts
  • Scalloped shorts
  • Cut off shorts
  • Striped shorts
  • Knit shorts
  • Stretchable cotton shorts
  • Denim shorts

Other Accessories to Wear with Over the Knee Socks:

  • T shirt,
  • Clutches
  • Scarf
  • Light weight necklace
  • Top
  • Collar shirt
  • Purple top shop
  • Suede bag
  • Vintage blouse
  • Matching Bengals

This a best place for those women who to wear over the knee socks with shorts All above tips is very helpful when you can try over the knee socks with shorts. But there are some important rules which ever one know for example do not wear mini skirt, bulky socks so on. Beside this women could be wear tights, leggings under knee high socks. Patterns and colored socks also look charming and give a fresh effect.

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