How to Wear Headscarf in Different Ways with Short Hair

Ways through How to Wear Headscarf in Different Ways with Short Hair are too much important when one is going to wear it. There are various ways to wearing head scarfs among which few are given there. Through these ways one can also able to style their short hairs. With long hairs process is different to wear headscarf that suit with them.  Now headscarf becomes a part of latest fashion trend and it not limited to only Muslim girls. In latest fashion trend matching of headscarf with dresses makes them more beautiful. So it’s too much important that one must know that how to ties this head scarf because when one wear it in different ways then it give different look. From these given few methods one can must easily wear it in multiple styles.

Headband scarf:

  • For headband scarf oblong scarf is best option whose measurement is about 48″/120cm log and 10″/25 cm wide.
  • For wearing first of all put scarf on a surface that will flat.
  • Next step is that fold it towards center towards top edge to about 3″/7.5cm and with the help of figure crease it.
  • In previous step fold opposite edge that is bottom to same distance towards center. Again with pressure of figure crease it.
  • After this put the center of scarf on the crown of head. Then tuck its end under your hair at the back and tie a double knot.
  • After this one can enter in final stage and finally realign the length under the knot so that it forward on either side of your shoulder, cascading down your front.  This is one easy method to wear the scarf through which one can wear it easily.

Headscarf Half turban:

Headscarf Half turban style is also a good option to wear for this again initially search a suitable scarf. For its suitability cotton or flexible fabric is good option.

After searching a suitable scarf fold it half to give shape of triangle.

  • After this put center of scarf at the back of your neck.

In this hold one must hold both ends of scarf tightly in such way that the ends up past the sides of your face, to wrap the scarf up around your head. At this stage one also take care that its ends are in the air above your head behind the fringe or bangs line.

Then on the crown tie a knot of your head.

  • For tie a knot take back of the scarf behind your head. Then tuck the end into the knot.

During making tie of knot must careful that scarf will fit around your head. It will also adjustable if one needed for tight or losing.

Then a final process of wearing will start when one take the end of triangle over the knot. Then tuck bank in underneath tuck its two sides into knot and in this make sure that hairs are cover. One can use Velcro dots to keep loose parts together. This is for short length hairs so they are easy to cover under thus scarf.

Can I accessorize my headscarf with short hair?

For sure, you can add accessories like hairpins, brooches, flowers, or decorative clips to enhance your headscarf style. These accessories can provide a personalized touch and add an extra element of flair to your overall look.

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