How to Wear Crop Tops Plus Size Big Chested Ladies Without Showing Stomach?

Crop shirts in different silhouettes, lengths, designs, fabric and style are one the biggest trends in fashion these days. These trendy shirts can be worn with pants, skirts, shorts and even on the top of s long dress to layer it up. All plus size women must need to knows that How to wear crop tops plus size big chested ladies without showing stomach? You may be surprised to know that these trendy crop shirts can be confidently worn by all women with any of the body type, if chosen intelligently. These shirts can amazingly flatter the women with belly bump and make them look fabulous and fashionable even in those days when nothing fits them any more. Most of the women are hesitant to wear these crop shirts as they believe that these shirts will make them look more bulky or even shapeless. Here are some trendy yet daring ways to wear the crop shirts in such a style that they flatter your body shape the most. So, encourage yourself to take on the challenge and explore your inner self again.

  • Firstly, you have to pick up the right length of the crop shirt as they come in different lengths. They range from the length that reaches your ribs or cover everything above your belly button. Whatever the length you choose, make sure that it is long enough to cover you properly when you sit stand. If you opt for shorter lengthen crop shirts. Its better to wear high waited bottoms.
  • After finding the right length, you have to choose the right fabric and fitting of the crop shirt that accentuate your body shape. It should either fit loosely or snug but it must not be too tight. If the fabric is switchable, make sure that the crop shirt hugs your body properly without showing different portions of your body awkwardly. Soft fabric like cotton, silk or linen looks great on all the body types. On the other hand the stiff fabrics are just not right in crop shirts.
  • Now its time to pair the crop top with a proportionate or balanced bottoms. If you wear skinny high waited shorts or jeans, balance it with a loose crop top. Lassies, with loose baggy pants or maxi skirts, wear a fitted crop top that flatters your body shape. The trick is to highlight the slimmer portion of your body shape. The trick is to highlight the slimmer portion of your body and draw attention from the heavier part of body. As everyone ideal is to have hourglass body shape, you can make your body look like that by highlighting the slim curves of your body, be it your waist or your legs.
  • Mixing prints with solid colors also give you way to highlight the portion of the body that you want. You can opt for a crop top with printed panels on the sides and solid dark color in the center; it will give the illusion of curves in your body. For elongated smart look, wear a same solid dark color top and bottoms. After this hopefully must understands that how plus size big chested ladies wear crop topsĀ  without showing stomach? Because these tips must help them to understand all things.

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