How to Wear Converse High Tops With Skinny Jeans for Guys

Fashion and trends change with time to time and people of this world follow these trends. Boys wear different styles of jeans and tops with stylish shoes. There are different styles of jeans such as denim, bell bottoms, slim fit pants, Lee, corduroy and Levi Strauss etc .But here we share with you How to Wear Converse High Tops With Skinny Jeans for Guys .Guys wear different outfits with skinny jeans like high or low tops or floral tops, T shirts looking perfect with ankle boots, cow boy boots, sneakers. Before the method of wearing Converse high top with skinny jeans, I like to tell you a little introduction about Converse high tops and skinny jeans.

Basically Converse is an American company which is famous due to lifestyle fashion and athletic shoes since 20th century. The real name of Converse shoes is, Chuck Taylor All Star Basketball Shoes “and now this kind of shoes popular with different nicknames likes Verses, chuckers, chucks, Converse, chuckies, chuckalos etc.

  • Furthermore, different kinds of material are used in Converse High Tops such as leather, suede and vinyl along with hemp, rather then canvas.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is a stylish version of denim jeans that have straight legs and tend to crumple around the ankles .Skinny jeans give you a slim and smart look, so most of guys like to prefer skinny jeans. Skinny jeans fit with your slim figure and make your personality glamour’s.

How to Wear Converse High Tops With Skinny Jeans for Guys:

This is a right place from here one can find out How to Wear Converse High Tops with Skinny Jeans for Guys. Converse High Tops could be found in different colors and cuts which perfect with any type of dress. Converse High Tops wear with skinny jeans as modern fashion style and guys looking funky. Beside this you can wear converse high tops with boot cut jeans, flare jeans, baggy jeans for a gangster style etc.

  • Roll the edge of your skinny jean inside the tops of your converse to show off the side patches.
  • Tuck the hems of your jeans into a cuff so the whole shoe shows.
  • Roll the jeans bottom into the tongue or top of your shoes for looking glamour’s.
  • You can wear converse with low tops with tucked up skinners for a gorgeous look

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