How To Wear A White Button Down Shirt Casually In Different Ways

It is this white button-down shirt that can give you that truly chic looks. It is best for office and will be quite appropriate if you will have it with a pencil skirt. If you like to be complete white look then opt for this dressing! Just get that white button-down all inspirational style from here and get to know how to wear a white button down shirt casually, wear them in different ways!

Wear Them With Mini Skirts

Just get some modern kind of white button down shirt and get leather in made mini skirts. Have those high heels that mini skirt can be in jet black color, this white and black perfect color combination will make you that flawless lady. Even if it is this pencil skirt then it will the best outfit for your office if you will have it with this white button down shirt.

Ripped Jeans

If these white button down shirts will be fused with ripped jeans leather jeans, jeans in metallic shades and if you too wear that dark jeans along with black belt and black pumps then everyone will say that you have a perfect taste of dressing! Ripped jeans should be fuse with high and pointed heels and get the right handbag for you too!

Wear Them With Distressed Jeans

It is these distressed jeans that can too work well with these white button down shirts, have sandals and clutch with them and walk with that modernity on the roads. If you want to further elevate this outfit of yours then replace this clutch of yours with a crossbody bag. This is how to wear a white button down shirt casually!

Fuse Them With Checked Skirts

If it is a checked skirt then do not forget that you have to wear it with the white button down shirt along with pointed pumps. You can too get that celebrity style by wearing aviator shoes with these shirts. These shirts also work much well with the pleated skirts, it is this tip of the day for you, try this style!

Now onwards, in different ways which we have mentioned over here, you have to try this styling! The best and great way to reinvent your styling is to have white collared shirt, have it with red bag, trying out that tweed short suit along with tweed tie, these will too be complementing your white button down shirts.

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