How to Wear a Summer Scarf around Neck in Best Ways

Multiple ways that How to Wear a Summer Scarf around among which details of couple Best Ways is enough to wear scarf around your neck. In summer such type of scarf is helpful to prevent one from heat because from neck heat is easily going to inner side of body. By wearing this one can also protect from heat as well as now wearing scarf around neck is part of latest fashion trend in summer. Now multiple types of scarves are available in market so this thing also helps to become more fashionable. One has number of options to wear these multiple design scarves in different styles. To check complete tutorial that how to wear scarf in summer around neck keep in touch with this page.

Wear a Scarf Cowl:

To wear a scarf cowl long and rectangular cashmere and pashmina type scarf is best option because their fabric is suitable with summer season.

  • To wear it takes the scarf center to back of neck. Then take one side of scarf towards one side of chest and second side to opposite side of chest.
  • Then lopping process will start and for this loop right side of scarf around neck.
  • After looping it tie the right side of scarf to other end but must take care that forming a loose knot.
  • In front of neck one must complete two loop and grab the lower portion of scarf that is unknotted and pull it over the knot portion.
  • At end if one want bigger cowl then pull it from neck away. After this top cowl cover the knot and after this it also fit the ends hang in front of chest equally.

Use a Bow Tie.

  • This is another method of Wear a Summer Scarf around Neck and for this choose thin and extra-long scarf.
  • Starting it from that take scarf center towards the back of neck.
  • Then tying a bow tie with the help of bow or shoelaces.
  • During tying take care that one has option to pull of the bow as wide as one want.
  • Then fall the bow in front of chest.

These are some easy way through which one can easily Wear a Summer Scarf around Neck in some best ways. Further some pictures are also update here on this page that are also helpful for making a idea that in which way these scarf are wear around the neck.

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