How to Wear a Beanie with Front Side Bangs for Girls

Beanies are important part of everyday clothing’s in cold areas of the world. Due to this How to Wear a Beanie with Front Side Bangs for Girls is a part of fashion. They were considered as children’s necessity for the protection from severe cold. Now a day, these beanies have become a fashion statement for young boys and girls. There are various trendy beanies available in markets and you can wear them with style to make a sophisticated fashion statement along with the practical purpose. This article will guide you that how you can wear a beanie with Front Side Bangs for Girls. So, that it will flatter your look and highlights your hair style at the same time. You do not have to get worried about your hair does. Just have a simple style along with a trendy beanie to get a complete fashionable look. Let us discuss the different ways of wearing beanie with hair styles like bangs, pixie and simple ponytail.

Beanie with bangs: To highlight your hair cut along with beanie, you can wear it at your scalp line leaving the bangs neatly set on forehead. It is better to choose light colored beanie for darker hair and dark colored for light tone hair.


To give a more playful look you can wear beanie more on the front towards to the forehead and leave the bangs on the sides. Now sweep the bangs to give them twisted look. This style will add to your youthful appearance and will surely look more trendy than the previous one.

If you have short bangs that you can leave straight on your brows, you can wear a beanie up on them. It will flatten your bangs. This style cannot work for those who have long bangs. The easy way out is to leave your hair down straight more on the back and less on both sides. It will prevent the bulges to appear underneath the fabric of beanie. It will also give extra warmth to your ears and neck in freezing cold. If one knows that How to Wear a Beanie with Front Side Bangs for Girls then it musts become a major part of fashion.

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