How to Trim Eyebrows Properly for Perfect Shape

The perfectly shaped eye brows can enhance your facial shape, balance your feature and farm your eyes to make them stand out. If your eye brows flatter your face shape, they will surely affect your appearance positively. Foe thick eye brows, you may need a tweezers or thread to trim them but for thin and light eye brows, you have to apply pencil to make them look fuller. Here is a step by step tutorial to guide you in trimming the eye brows properly for perfect shape.

How to Trim Eyebrows Properly for Perfect Shape

  • First of all, you have to determine where the inner of the brow should end and also decide the peak where there is an angular natural curve in the brow. You have to consider where the arch should form its peak. Than determine the outer edge of the brow. Now draw a line carefully with pencil according to your desired shape. If you are going to trim your eyebrows for the first time than you should just follow the natural curvature of your eyebrows. Do not experiment with new shapes that you may not able to handle.
  • Now puck the strays that fall below the marked line carefully. The thickness of eyebrows should between 0.5 cm to 1 cm.
  • Just minimum plucking is required on the upper area of eye brows to retain the natural shape.
  • If your skin is sensitive and are afraid of pain then numb your skin with ice cube before plucking.
  • Use thread only if you are good at threading otherwise tweezers or plucker is better.

Consider Your Face Shape to Have Flattering Eye Brow Shape:

  • To detract from the curve of your round face, shape the brows in such a manner that the outer third of the brow heads towards the top of ear.
  • For Square face shape direct it towards the middle of the ear.
  • For the long face, have the brows more straight than curve to accentuate it towards sides.
  • To enhance the oval face shape, direct the outer third towards the ear lobs.


You have to maintain the ideal shape of your eyebrows by trimming them when needed with a pair of brow trimmer. If you pluck the hair strays as they appear, you can maintain the brow shape for weeks.

  • Fill the spaces in your brows with brow pencil, if they are very light to give them fuller look.
  • Use a gel to set your brows properly.
  • Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your brows at night before going to bed. I will keep them soft and enhance the growth of light hair.
  • Use concelaer around brows to highlight their defined shape.
  • Do not let your brows to get over grown because it will destroy your eyebrows shape and will cause more pain while shaping.
  • So, follow the above mentioned steps and tips to have perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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