How to Treat Red, Dry, Flaky Eyelids Causes and Treatments

Red, dry and flaky eyelids are mostly common in those people who have dry skin type. This type of eyelids becomes extremely uncomfortable, irritating and unattractive. Before thinking of any treatment for dry eyelids, the important thing is to consult your dermatologist and discuss about the underlying cause.

Causes of red, dry and flaky eye lids:

There are many reasons of dry and flaky eyelids. Some of the main causes are

  • Severe chemicals of shampoo
  • Cosmetic foundation
  • Liner, mascara
  • Cleansers
  • Eczema
  • Eyelash curler can cause dryness

There are many other medical conditions related to skin that become the cause of red, dry and flaky eyelids such as atopic dermatitis, blapharitis, eyelid dermatitis etc

Treatment of red, dry, flaky eyelids:

As compared to other parts of body, the area around eyes is the most sensitive. So it is highly unsafe and risky to apply moisturizers and lotions at home without any consultancy with professionals. Various companies have introduced special gels and cream for eyes. These products can work well to moisturize the eye lids and lesson the dryness.

Another treatment for dry and flaky eyelids is to wash your eyes with baby shampoo and wipe it dry. Take few drops of olive oil in your hands and apply it gently on your eyelids and massage for few minutes. Leave it over night. It will work effectively against dryness and make your lids smooth.

The most important thing the prevent red, dry and flaky eye lids is to stop hanging around the known allergies. Avoid using heavy makeup that dries your lids. If it is essential to wear eye makeup, try to apply light and mineral makeup products. Wash your face twice a day with a creamy moisturizing cleanser and carefully apply it on your eyelids. It will also prevent dryness. Sometimes the dandruff of head falls on eyelids. So you have to cure it first before doing anything for eye lids.

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