How to Tie a Tie American Knot Style

As tie usage going high now a new way to make a new knot style, for which details that How to Tie a Tie American Knot Style give a new look to knot. Before this majority of Americans make half Windsor knot that is basically a British knot style. But now American designer works on it and introduce a way through which one can tie a tie in American style. This method is quite simple easy and most important unique one. If one follows proper method then it will more easy to make this knot style.

  • Below one can a complete tutorial through which one can make tie a tie in American style. This complete tutorial will shows that this is easy method then half Windsor knot style.

For this take the tie around neck in such a way that it runs the entire length of the tie according to your hand. Just like if one is right handed then take it to right and if one is left handed then take it ti right ward.

  • Then cross the wide end over from the narrow end of tie.

After this bring you tie up through loop.

  • Then step come when bring tie down back.
  • With this wide end goes underneath the narrow end.

After this wide end go inside out and also take the wide end through loop.

  • Then take the wide end from right to left that cross over the wide end.
  • With this wide end goes under the loop.

Now final stage will come when fold the wide end in loop and make knot at front of tie.

  • This knot will form in triangle form so tighten it in triangle shape.
  • With narrow end one has option to adjust it. With this end of tie one can tighten it according to requirement. By following these tips one can easily adjust this knot of tie in American style.

Tighten the knot into a triangle using both hands. Slowly tighten the narrow end to bring the tie closer to the neck. This is perfect method of making a knot so must follow it and make a proper knot.

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