How to Tie a Skinny Tie Step by Step into a Bow Tie

We have seen that it is this skinny tie that just comes and goes in our fashion circles. It has now become a staple part of our daily outfit. It is seen that many men find it difficult to get done with the tying of a skinny tie. But do not worry, here a tutorial in which step by step instruction to know that how to tie a skinny tie into a bow tie! This Bow knot tie can also be termed as the four in one hand knot. It is this simple kind of Bow knot tie that just works well with all the skinny ties!

 “Placing the Tie Around Your Neck”

 You have to place that tie just around your neck. Make sure that your collar should be up. It will be this wide end of the tie that should be right on the side of your dominant hand. If you are not right handed, then this wider end has to be hanging on your left side.

 “Look for a Seam on the Front Side”

 Now you have to look for a seam that will be on the front of that slightly narrower end of your tie. Make sure that you have to move that slightly kind of wider end right over the narrow end, if one do in this way they will be crossing each other right on the seam.

 “Pulling the Slightly Wider End”

 After this, you have to pull that slightly wider end right behind the narrow end of your skinny tie. Now slowly and gradually, you have to bring that slightly wider end of your tie around. Make sure that it has to be facing off to your left side of the tie. Now just bring the slightly wider end of your tie right under and up with the help of the loop that will be around your neck After this, you have to be pulling the slightly wider end of your tie down through that knot which will be at the front of your tie. For beginners tying a knot is not easy but if know the Instruction Step By Step to Tie a Tie then it not remain difficult.

 “Tightening the Knot”

 Now just tighten the knot by just sliding it up from the narrow end. Make sure that you don’t push the knot too tightly; you have to keep some looseness. This bow knot tie will be little asymmetrical right at the neck. These are step by step instructions that how to tie a skinny tie to make a knot into a bow tie! Hope so one must learn them after this a complete tutorial.

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