How to Tie a Rockabilly Head Scarf

Women use head scarves to cover their hair and head from dirt, sunburn, and scalps problems etc.Beside this there is another purpose of wearing head scarf such as warmness in cold weather. This is a right place from here one can find out the How to Tie a Rockabilly Head Scarf. In Islamic countries head scarf consider the symbol of women honor and these head scarves wear in different styles. Arabic head scarves are very popular among all over the world. Now in these days mostly women carry this beautiful item as fashion symbol. There are so many designers headscarves available not oly at specific outlets but also on line. So that women purchase easily these beautiful head covers and make their personalities honorable in the eyes of other people .Rockabilly head scarf is one of the most popular scar among the fashionable scarves.

  • This type of scarf wear women as fashion and rockabilly head scarf not wear in past but also in this modern age. In different countries head scarves are used just like in Russia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Malaysia and many more.

In Russian culture a women wear head scarf who is married and her husband is a family head .There are some head covers which women commonly use like bandana, head scarf, hijab, burqa, chador, niqab, dupatta etc. Rockabilly head scarf is so cute and available in so many color combinations. This head scarf made with cotton, silk, chiffon materials. The method of wearing this beautiful head scarf is so simple and here we also share with you How to Tie a Rockabilly Head Scarf.

How to Tie a Rockabilly Head Scarf:

  • First of all choose any rockabilly head scarf according to your choice.
  • After this put scarf at the base of your neck and the length of this rockabilly scarf should be equal both sides of neck.
  • Bring up both ends at your forehead and twist the both sides in a turban style knot.
  • After this pull the both ends of this head scarf and tie at the end of your neck.

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