How to Take Off Gel Nail Polish at Home Without Acetone

Girls must know one thing before applying the Gel nail polish that it is is too hard to remove. But here we have given you the How to Take Off Gel Nail Polish at Home Without Acetone. All the gel manicures are very long lasting and chip free. There are some Gel manicures that lasted for three days and some branded gel nail polishes are here which lasts for a week or more than this. There are many girls who want to change their nail polish after one day or they change their nail polish on every function.But it is hard for them to remove a Gel manicure because it has strong grip and such sort of liquid which remains stick for long time. So we are here to tell you that How to Remove a Gel Nail Polish at you home without going to any saloon or using any chemical.

Some Basic thing about Gel Nail Polish:

  • Gel Manicures or Gel nail polish cost up to 3 times more than a normal nail polish does.
  • This nail polish has a chemical in it which sticks it with your nails and extend its grip on your nails.
  • If you have applied Gel Nail polish it will lasts for more than a week and you must visit a saloon or use some hard chemical to get it removed.
  • The process with the help of which Gel manicure is being removed has a step of soaking your nails in acetone and in some cases you need to to apply some hard removal process as well.

 How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone:

To take off your Gel nail polish without visiting any saloon and saving your money you will need three thing including:

  • Acetone (Original)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Aluminium foil
  • These things will work to get your gel nail polish removed, if you are having all these things so there is nothing difficult to clean up your nails for the new nail polish.
  • Getting all the three things you must start by sitting around and start soaking your fingers in a bowl of acetone that would probably work out and you will need cotton balls and tin foil as well in this process.
  • That would work and you can easily get your gel nail polish removed easily without going out. In order to remove your gel nail polish with a long process you can visit any saloon but there is no other way to remove gel manicure except Acetone.

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