How to Take Care of Your Skin at Night

At the end of busy, hectic and tiring of the day, our skin has been exposed to many harmful chemical and germs of our polluted environment. As time passes, all the damaging elements can cause various problems of skin for example pre mature aging, wrinkles, dark circles around eyes, uneven skin tones etc. All the harmful environmental conditions directly affect the exposed parts of our body which generally include face, hand and feet. In order to save the skin from these damages; it is important to take good care of it. If a proper night skin care routine will be followed, it will surely benefit us with the gradual improvement of skin tone and color, reduces skin blemishes, hydrating and tightening of the skin and in many other ways. This night skin care routine will certainly restore a healthy young skin.

The following is the list of some important and useful home remedies that should be used to establish a night skin care routine.

  • If u wear make up, first thing is to remove it with a good toner, moist a cotton ball and pat it on the face and neck. Make sure that all the make up is removed, when you wash your face.
  • Use a quality cleanser to cleanse your face .Massage it gently. Yougert can be a good natural cleanser. After cleansing it is important to make sure that all the excessive oil is removed from the skin.
  • Oil glands are not present around the eyes so it’s important to use an eye cream around the eyes. Cucumber and potato slices also help in removing the dark circles around the eyes.
  • Apply a lip balm on the lips to lessen the dryness of lips.
  • Apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin. It must be according to the skin types such as dry, oily and sensitive. A natural and organic moisturizer will prove to be best because it would help in maintain the pH level of skin. It will remove the dead skin and helps the cells to regenerate and restore a healthy skin.
  • The mixture of lemon, glycerin and tomato juice is an excellent home made toner which can be applied on hand and feet. It would add to the softness of the skin and retain the color complexion. It would also moisten the skin.

It will just take few minutes to follow this night skin care routine but it has many benefits. It will maintain your skins youthful appearance longer as well as make it smooth, soft, clear and healthy.

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