How to Take Care of a Bunny Rabbit as a Pet with No Mother

How to take care of a Bunny Rabbit as a Pet with no mother is not a easy task without following a proper procedure. Mostly people in the world whose love the animal and more conscious about their pat. A lot of people in the world their hobby to love and caring the animals. They loves animals that is love with their Childs no make any difference among them. There are a lot of people whose love with rabbit and they are too much caring about them. Mostly people like to buy the new babies of rabbit or find the babies from anywhere and people want to make a lot of care at home but they don’t know about the true care of the rabbit without its mother.

  • There is no need to be worry because you want to make loves with rabbit and baby’s rabbit also want love with you. Some time people fount rabbit babies with some places and they thought that the babies are orphans because their mother is nowhere to be seen.

But you don’t think that mother of babies are come back from anytime like sunset or evening and rabbit mother nurse their babies for approximately only five minutes a day. So any how you take a lot of care rabbit babies at their home.

There is no need to worry about making care of rabbit babies at home. There are several methods to care of a baby rabbit with no mother.

These methods are including:

  • First of all you make the nest for babies. The nest area may in a box and put a soft towel on the bottom of the box. You can also purchase a soft nest which are using for pretty pet and also put the soft towel on the bottom of the nest
  • Placed the rabbit baby inside the nest
  • You should be fed goat milk, puppy milk, kitten milk replace for rabbit baby and don’t fed the mild more than twice a day
  • Rabbit baby open their eyes so you wrap a small piece of clothe cove their eyes and ears for safe the environmental hardness purpose
  • Chop a big carrot into pieces and give the rabbit baby if baby are young
  • You can also give the dry, uncooked Quaker oatmeal as food in twice a week
  • You can give the banana twice a week
  • Don’t over fed the rabbit baby
  • You must save the rabbit baby from temperature
  • Keep away rabbit baby from children
  • You keep some time the rabbit baby on grass

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