How to Straighten Curly Hair at Home for Women?

If you have curly and unruly hair, it is difficult to control daily. Women use different things to make them strait just like blowdryers, straightening irons, balms, and gels just to end up with a puffy, parched, frizzy mess a few hours later. These treatments are perfect for those people whose afford it but are not good for those, they don’t know about this. You can also strait your curly hairs at home. Curls and waves are fun and exciting, but can be hard to keep neat at times. Things are required for straighten curly hair: If you strait your hair at home, you should know about how to strait curly hair perfectly.

  • Hair dryer:

Before starting your striating process wash your hair with those product best for your hair types. When you wash your hair, give it a quick towel dry, and then blow dry with a blow dryer .It will help you in striating your curly hairs.

Heat protection spray:

After washing and dry your hair use heat protection spray because it becomes easy when you strait your hair. Apply the heat protection spray evenly over dry hair; holding the can about six inches away from your head .Don’t apply this spray on hair roots because it makes your hair greasy.

Hair direction:

Divide your hair into different parts that you straighten your hair properly without missing any hair. You can divide their hair into three layers.

Straightening iron:

Use straightening iron on correct temperature according to your hair type because it will give you a good result. The temperature your straightener should be set to will depend on your hair type.

Beside these techniques you can use different kitchen items for straightening curly hair. Coconut milk and fresh lemon is the best way for curly hair. Get a cup of milk and squeeze a half lemon into it. Mix together and place in the fridge for about an hour or so. After an hour apply this mixture on hairs and wrap a warm towel around hair. After some time wash it and get good result.

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