How to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake up with it Straight

Well there are so many women who want to know that how to sleep with wet hair and wake up with the straight! Usually most of the women find the issues as if they are sleeping with the wet hairs then the very next day they find the hairs as quite frizzy and dull in appearance. Even if they add up the hairs with the straightening it still appears to be unattractive.

Well by the way of this post we will be solving up with this query of the readers as here we will be discussing the steps that must gives one solution.

Simple Steps For How to Sleep with Wet Hair and keep it Straight:

Step no 1: Firstly you have to comb up the hairs until and unless you don’t feel that you have set the hairs as all free from the tangles.

Step no 2: Now just brush the wet hair until the time it is smooth. If it starts in on to dry for the duration of the process then you can use a spray bottle that is full of water to moisten it.

Step no 3: Now in the next step you will be dividing the 1- to 2-inch piece of hair on top of the top back of the crown of your head. Just make sure one thing that the width should be 1 inch less than the length of the roller.

Step no 4: In the next you will going to roll up the hair section onto the jumbo roller and make use of hair pins to safe and sound it to your head.

Step no 5: Just make the usage of the comb so that you will be better able to create with the parting at the right side of your head that should be about an inch above your ear. The part should make bigger to the middle of the back of your head.

Step no 6: Just keep on wrapping the section all the way by keeping it below the jumbo roller. Keep doing it until you meet up in the company of the hair on top of the left side of the head.

Step no 7: In the end you will make holding the hair tightly in the company of your left hand at the same time as you apply the clips with your right.

Just follow this method carefully and learn at the best that how to sleep with wet hair and make it straight! All the best!

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