How to Remove Nail Polish without Nail Polish Remover

Wearing matching nail polish has become a fashion trend now a days. Women are experimenting with various color, glitters and designs. Those women who frequently change their nail polish color always get upset when they find that they have no nail polish remover at all. Here are the tips with which you can remove your nail polish without a nail polish remover.

  • Many perfumes have the ingredients which help in removing anything. Take a perfume and carefully spray it on your nails. Note that it should not touch any part of skin around the nails because it can cause skin burn or irritation. After this spray take a handkerchief or a cotton balls and rub your nails on it. Continue this process until the nail polish is removed.
  • You can also use a body spray or even a hair spray if you do not have a perfume .Spray it on the nails and rub it with cotton ball but nail polish does not remove at once. Repeat the same process until your nails get cleaned.
  • Coat another layer of nail polish on your nail and immediately take a cotton ball to rub it off. It will remove the previous nail color after repetition. This trick works very well. You just have to cover your nail with another and wipe it off. It will also take a exciting dried off color with it.
  • If you have wet wipe or an anti bacterial wipe, rub it vigorously on your nail and it will lighten and eventually remove the nail color on it.
  • Hand sanitizer and Alcohol can also be applied on nail. It will work well to remove nail polish that smear on your skin when you try to remove it with other products. These two products can only remove the thin layer of nail polish.
  • Another thing that works excellent in removing the nail polish is the paint thinner. As it has strong suffocating smell, try to use it outdoors. It is the best thing that works exactly as acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Men after shave can be used. Wet a cotton ball with after shave liquid and rub it on the nails. It will remove the dried nail polish.
  • Do not use your own finger nails to scratch the nails polish off your nail because it will cause damage to your nails. Glitter of the nail polish can be removed with a wet wipe or rough sponge.

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