How To Remove Mehndi Color From Hands

Mehndi colours are consider as a necessary thing for different events just like EID, Wedding ceremony  and different religious events. Mehndi is popular in Pakistan as far as  INDIA and ARIBIA also. In the religious conviction; ISLAM, mehndi is a SUNNA. All Muslims consider mehndi is especial element of every event. Preponderance of the girls for applying mehndi on the wedding ceremony or at any event. Mehndi is most recommendable thing for brides in Pakistan, INDIA and ARIBIA. Mehndi  has always been manifest as an element of female body.

Mehndi is applying not only brides but also girls and women on their hands and feet on any religious and wedding celebrations.Now days devise on back and arms are in addition made. Mehndi is popular among western women and girls also, they look so happy to embellish their hands with design.

There are various fallacies concerning the, color of the mehndi. Many people consider if its color is dark and deep then girl lover and husband is very loving for her. So many methods are used to make mehndi color dark. People think if they use these techniques their mehndi color darker.

But few people searching different method of removing mehndi color .So here they find out various ways to remove every type of colors. Just in case you are in hurry and want to get rid of menndi color follow these tips. Through these tricks you easily to know that How To Remove Mehndi Color From Hands.So fellow these following tips..

Tips that How To Remove Mehndi Color From Hands are given there..


First thing is bleach and toothpaste ,olive oil, chlorine ,hair conditioner ,baking soda mix with lemon juice ,warm water, hydrogen peroxide, salt water, sun light and dead skin remover.

Bleach: You can apply bleach on your hands and allow it ti complete dry and then rub it to get rid of mehndi color.

  • Toothpaste: you can apply toothpast on hands and leave it dry then rub and wash it.

Olive oil: Use olive oil to remove color. Take some cotton and soak in olive oil and then apply on hands.leave it ten minute .s

Chlorine: Add some chlorine in water and soak you’re in this water for few minutes.

  • Hair conditioner: Use conditioner on your hands to remove color.

Bakeing soda mix with lemon juice: Make a thick mixture of baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on hands and leave it ten minutes. When it completely dry wash it with warm water.

  • Warm water: Soak your hands in warm water for several times in a day.

Hydrogen peroxide: Soak cotton in hydrogen peroxide and put on mehndi color and leave it for few minutes. This is not for all skin type.

Salted water: Soak your hand in salted water for removing color.

  • Dead skin remover and sun light: You can also use dead skin remover and rub it on hands .This is not all skin type. You try another trick spend your time in sun to fade the stain.

It will accept that after reading these simple tips its really easy to understand that how one can Remove Mehndi Color From Hands because they are really easy.

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