How to Remove Downy (Vellus) Hair on Face

There are several methods to removes downy vellus hair on face including traditional home treatments and modern mechanical techniques. These may remove the hair permanently or eliminate them temporarily. But you should keep in mind these treatment have side effects also such as increase in hair growth, damage the skin, change the texture of hair etc. these side effects can be reduced with the use of hygienic products and carrying of the treatment after proper training. Here are some of the major techniques that are being used to remove downy vellus hair on face


Depilation is the technique to remove the hair on skin surface. There are various methods of depilation.


Shaving on trimming can be done with manual or electronic machine for the removal of vellus. Downy hair for short period of time. Hair begins to appear in few days.


Rough surfaced stiff material is used to remove the vellus by rotating it on the hairy surface which will produce friction and take off the hair.

Depilatory creams:

Various depilatory creams are available in markets that can be directly applied on vellus hair for few minutes to remove them and clean the surface of skin.


Epilation involves the removal of the hair with the part inside the skin. Various methods that fall under epilation technique are:


It is a common method used by most of the people, vellus hair are pulled with the help of a small hand tweezers.


The method involves the use of thread. It is a cheapest method that needs a little skill to perform. It is done by rolling a twisted thread on the face to catch vellus hair.


It is done with the application of hot or cold wax on face and removing it with a strip of cloth which will take off the hair with the sticky wax.


It is a type of permanent epilation. In this method germ cells are destroyed by inserting a probe into hair follicles and introducing a current of electricity into it which prevents regeneration of hair.

this method has become popular in last few years. In this method follicles are destroyed with a use of laser light. It is also a permanent way to remove vellus.

Thus, you have a through knowledge of various methods to remove downy vellus hair on face. Now its totally up to you to opt for the method that you think is best and less harmful.

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