How to Pluck and Shape your Eyebrows at Home?

Mostly women wants to enhance their beauty through different resources just like makeup, whiting creams, facials and plucking eye brows as well. Here we talk about how to pluck and shape your eye brows at home. Now a days mostly women prefers to pluck and shape their eye brows at home instead of going to beauty salon. So every woman wants to pluck her eye brows herself but they afraid that it might hurt or worried about how to precede. Plucking your own eye brows is so easy but it required a professional technique because its painful. However, it does require patience and time. Here we mention some tricks or tips, if you follow these tips you can pluck your own eye brows easily at home.

How to Pluck and Shape your Eyebrows at Home?

Before plucking your eye brows at home you needs some things just like best quality cleanser, tweezers, eye pencil, eye brow brush and eye brow gel so on. So follow these steps and get rid of unwanted hairs from your eye brows.

  • Cleanser

The basic thing that is always keep in mind, when you doing anything wash your face with cleanser and warm water. If your face clean and soft, this thing helps you in plucking your eye brows smoothly .Don‘t rub your face and use a soft towel and pet dry.


Get a pair of tweezers to pluck your eye brows evenly. Once you have determine the direction of your eye brows grow then take the tweezers and shape your eye brows. You need to be able to firmly grasp individual hairs and pull them out smoothly.

  • Eye pencil

Use eye pencil for sporting because it is necessary that when you start plucking, you have a clear path to follow. You can use a eye pencil to draw a line down the path you took your tweezers.

Eye brow brush

Use a eye brow brush as you wish hairs to keep up. Brush your eye brows slightly in the direction they grow and you can see some unwanted hairs that need to be pluck.

  • Eye brow gel

At the end when you finish your plucking process, apply a little bit of eye brow gel to hold them in place.


If you pluck your eye brows first time you keep in mind its painful and when you plucking your eye brows on regular basis it becomes a lot less painful. Always use tweezers at an angle because it will help you to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

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