How to Make V Neck T Shirt into a Tank Top No Sew

A complete tutorial which has complete information that How to Make a Women V Neck T Shirt into a Tank Top No Sew is beneficial for all those that make their t shirt in tank top at home. This is not a complex procedure so one must need to know these tips and most important is the follow them step by step. With start of summer women whose t shirts are going old or short they can make them change and enjoy this season. So this is best way to utilize your old shirts with some latest fashion trend. Moving towards the major step that include in making of these tank top are given as:

  • Start with cutting the sleeves of shirt
  • Because you are going to make tank top of v neck t shirt so cut a deep V in the front of the shirt.
  • After this separate part of the back from the rest of the t shirt.
  • Now slice straight down the middle of the back
  • During whole procedure must take care of the raw edges.

Now the measurement to till shirt will cut and in which way cutting has doing are given as below:

  • First of all cut both sleeves of shirt up to 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) from part that is connection seam.
  • Cut deep V neck in such a way that lowest part of short will become lowest part of neckline. To make idea that how much cut deep v neck one take it om body and make idea how much one has option to deep cut.
  • Above is initial cutting form front now it’s time to cut the back side of shirt in such a way that cut two panel that are used to connect halter straps.
  • Then cut two vertical line into shirt in a way that it will start form that area at which the collar is before rested. And cut it down until the bottom parts of arm are opened.
  • Then slice the middle of back down. Then cutting down that make two straps on back that are divide it in half. These cuttings of two straps are end at same spot where it front strap will ended.
  • Now making of shirt is enter in final stage and at this stage must take care of the raw edges that the raw edge becomes curly for which simple sew edging stitch.

This is complete tutorial that how to make a women V neck t shirt into a tank top with no sew efforts. Hopefully one can get a proper idea that how to make Tank Top for women.

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