How to Make Cat Eyes With Makeup for Halloween

Best way that how to make cat eyes with makeup for Halloween is helpful for all those that want to make this day more funny. Eyes are one of the best gifted by the God but beautiful eyes are one of the great gifts. Beautiful eyes have a different attraction mostly people in the world too much likes beautiful eyes. Everyone in the world loves with beautiful eyes especially men whose loves with women and their beautiful eyes. Mostly women in the world have a beautiful eyes and it beauty become more attractive with their eyes. Mostly women are too much likes different types of eyes and they make different styles of eyes with makeup and looking more and more beautiful.

To make cat eyes with make is most popular process among women because they have beautiful round eyes and with cat eyes make makes their personality very effective. To making cat eyes for Halloween is special occasion makeup which is the most famous in the world. Basically Halloween is the one day event of the year when women could paint their faces blue, wear clown costume, make special cat eyes styles wit makeup and walk down the street with no one giving a second glance.

In this occasion people makes different wild looks with makeup and they understands if they prefer cat look they become more pretty than pretty scary this year. In this amazing occasion women wants to look sexy and witch cat with their eyes. There is no need to be worry about to make the cat eyes with makeup for Halloween because in this advance age it’s not a difficult task. There are a lot of methods to make cat eyes for the precious occasion of Halloween.

These methods are:

  • Using a highly quality eyeliner brush dip the tip into black gel eyeliner pot and start creating the tail of what will be wing of your liner. Begin the outer corner of your eyes and angling the brush towards your eyebrow
  • Then creating a shape with gel using a fine brush
  • This is change the every eye because everyone wants to different shape and you just creating a shape
  • Then started sticking black diamontees around the edge of the shape and started creating one line first
  • You choose the color which color you have light or dark
  • After that applied Avon super shock eye liner and create a point at inner corner using gel
  • Then apply the basic foundation
  • Then for the brows you can use sealing gel mixed in the peek brow cake and thunder brow cake and creating another shape
  • After that you choose the lipstick color which are suitable for you and you can use purples, red, pink and black lipstick for looking awesome
  • You can also applying winged liner like a pro and getting right every single time

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