How to Lose Weight on Your Face Chin and Neck Fast

Extra weight on your face, chin and neck is usually the result of overall weight gain. Though it is not as unhealthy as belly fat yet it affects a lot to your appearance and your self confidence. You can get rid of bloated heavy face, chin and neck by making effective changes in your daily diet and by increasing your physical activity with heavy workouts. When you start to lose your overall weight, the face will become slimmer first. Following are the tips to follow in order to get rid of excessive weight on your face, chin and neck.

 How to Lose Weight on Your Face Chin and Neck Fast complete tips are given there..

  • Eat small portions of food very slowly. You have to lose half pound every week. It is s healthy weight loss target. It will also reduce fat of your chin and neck.
  • Dehydration can cause bloating of face. Drink 64 ounces of water daily to keep your body hydrated. It will also flush out the toxins and fill you up so that you will automatically eat less.
  • Fill yourself up with healthy food to fight against the temptation for junk and processed food that is high in calorie and unwanted fat. As with the weight loss, when you gain weight, it will first appear on your face.
  • Eat fresh food hygienically cooked in home. Take low fat dairy products as it is the source of protein and calcium that is needed for growth. You can also have lean and fish for protein, fiber rich whole grains and fruits with their all the healthy ingredients.
  • One important thing about fat on face and neck that usually people ignore is that when we use a lot of salt in our diet, it causes water retention in the body which makes your face, chin and neck look fat. So, avoid slat and season your diet with natural herbs.
  • You have to burn at least 500 calories in one hour either by swimming, jogging, biking, cycling or any other sport of your choice for over all weight lose that will also help to get rid of excess weight on face, chin and neck.
  • Try face toning yoga exercises such as jaw drop. Tilt your head back and see at the ceiling. Open your mouth wide like saying “O”. Now take back your lower jaw slowly until your lips are joined. Do it 15 to 20 times daily to tighten the muscles of checks and neck.
  • Have neck stretching your toning the neck muscles. Tilt your right ear to touch the shoulder and count 5 than come to the starting position and repeat with the other side. Do this exercise for 10 times daily.
  • You can make a routine of facial yoga that will help in stretching, toning and making your face healthy.

So, the thing is to concentrate on your over all weight lose to reduce facial weight.

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