How to Look Slimmer and Younger in One Week

Have you planned a party or want to go on a trip after a week or you want to fit inn the brides dress at your friend’s wedding. If you want to achieve permanent weight lose with proper long term diet plan and daily exercise, it is best. However, if you are short of days and cannot wait for gradual weight lose, here are some guidelines to follow. You can look slimmer and younger by following these tips and tricks within a week.

How to Look Slimmer and Younger in One Week?

Drink nothing except water. All the sport drinks, energy drinks, soft drinks or alcohol do not satisfy your hunger. They just add extra empty calories. You can get rid of these pesky extra calories by taking only water as a drink throughout the day.

Drink at least 2 glass of water before every meal. This trick will keep you full and you will eat less food. More intake of water also purifies your skin and makes you look younger and beautiful by solving various skin problems.

  • Stop eating those food products that cause bloating. Carbs cause bloating and are easy to digest that is why they make you hungrier so you will eat more. Do not eat carbs, dairy products because they cause bloating.

Eat the foods that contain fiber because it makes you feel full sooner and for long time. It also moves through the digestive system so that less of it absorbs in your body. Green vegetables and fruits contain large amount of fiber.

  • The carbs of vegetables are digested more slowly than the carbohydrates of pita breads or pizzas. So, take more vegetables than your routine. These vegetables are more in volume and less in calories to eat them as much as you want.

Skip desserts after every lunch and dinner because the sugar and carbs in them just add extra calories and cause bloating. If you have intense crabbing for sweets opt for fruits and avoid places where you feel like eating sugar filled food items like bakeries and restaurants.

  • Take proper time to eat. In busy life people just take in the food very fastly while doing their other works which does not make them know when they are full. If you eat slowly and stop just for the sake eating, your brain will find time to communicate with stomach and will tell you that its time to stop.

Take strict count of your calorie intake. A reasonable calorie in take should be in between 1200 to 1500.

  • Exercise daily. Do cardiac exercises at least for half an hour daily. Have a walk for one hour. Climb stairs fastly. All these simple workouts will definitely burn your calories and make you look slimmer.
  • If you take maximum fruits, vegetables and water on daily basis, you will definitely look more young, healthy and active than ever before.

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