How to Hide Baby Bump in Summer? Clothes to Hide Pregnancy in Summer

It may be a moment of immense joy and happiness for you, when you first line hear the news of your expected baby. You are probably thrilled and want to shout the news loud so that everyone can here it. But you cannot do it and wait desperately for the right time to announce this joyful news as the tradition says that it is better to announce the pregnancy after the first trimester. In such cases, you have to hide the signs of pregnancy. So How to Hide Baby Bump in Summer? some tips dresses Clothes to Hide Pregnancy in Summer are also best ton wear in this condition.An element of disguise is really necessary. There are also pregnant women who begin to show their baby bump much faster. This is the case that usually happens in first pregnancy.

If you do not want to announce your pregnancy and want to hide the baby bump. There are some tricks to do so. In winters it becomes very easy because you have to layer up your top with sweaters and jackets thus you look smart without any bump of your belly showing. But in summer with hot weather, you cannot cover yourself up with jackets and sweater. Here are few clothing advices How to Hide Baby Bump in Summer? Clothes to Hide Pregnancy in Summer that may help you in hiding your baby bump in summer. You can act upon them even to wear appropriate clothes for your workplace or social gatherings.

How to Hide Baby Bump in Summer?

  • Use layers of clothing to conceal your pregnancy in summers as you do in summer. You can wear a light short sleeves cardigan or thin tunic to cover your belly.
  • Don’t wear body framing fitted clothes that show your belly in the most awkward way. Wear loose whole body hugging clothes like flare frocks etc. keep in mind the fact that too much loose clothes well make you look frumpy and draw more attention towards your belly.
  • You can opt for cotton shirts with banded bottoms as they can nicely cover your lower belly. Pair it with skinny jeans to get a smarter look.
  • Peasant blouse which is generally supposed to be loose worn with straight trousers can be convenient and best works of your practice requirements.
  • Long frocks with small yolk on the top and loose A line bottom looks nice. The upper part looks slim and the lower body is perfectly covered. You can also choose shirts with ruffles on the belly area. It can work best to fulfill your purpose without wearing the extra loose tops to arise the suspicion of other.
  • Wearing maternity tops that are especially designed for this period can be an open announcement to the on looker that you are pregnant. The empire waists or the shirts that tie on the back are blatantly maternity. There are also maternity top that make your belly appear larger than it actually is. Thus, until you decide to announce your pregnancy, its better wear the appropriate clothes selected from women section of store.

So, just choose the right top to hide your pregnancy till you want and follow above instructions that How to Hide Baby Bump in Summer? or wear Clothes to Hide Pregnancy in Summer that dresses are in pictures in gallery.

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