How to Have a Beard with a Bald Head

A big question for all bald head men is that why they need some kind of beard style with a bald head. Answer is also discussed below with some styles that How to Have a Beard with a Bald Head. Basically bald head are also dividing in two types. Among these one is permanently bald head, in that type of bald a part of hairs is remains available on sides of head. In this part of head numbers of patches are clear on head. While send type of bald happened when on clean head from hairs as a style. In both circumstance a beard style is too much important with a bald head. This beard style must balance your face shape and also divert attention from bald held towards itself.

For all bald head men a beard must plays an important role to give some extra look to personality. But here most important question is that How to Have a Beard with a Bald Head for which some good options are mentioned below.



  • Full goatee
  • Classic goatee


Full Beard

Further Details for every of this option is given as:


Mustache is best option to style with a bald head. If mustache are make with a beard look like 3 or 4 days then it look more attractive. Clean shave with bald head is not look good for any of time so style mustache with unshaven face looks great.


Goatee is second option to style with bald head. This is further divide in full and classic goatee with respect to face shape. For round and big face shape a full goatee is best option because in full goatee it is attach with mustache.

For long and rocking style classic goatee is good to make. In this goatee style mustache is shaved while size of this goatee is also small then full one.


Stubble is good option for all those that has naturally bald head with some hairs on side of head. Basically stubble is beard of 5 or 6 days that gives pure natural look to your face.

Full Beard:

Last and best option that How to Have a Beard with a Bald Head is full beard. As name described that full beard follows long beard with long mustache. This must also gives traditional look but if this beard style is managed then it also look great in this modern age.

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