How to Grow a Mustache Fast at Age 12 13 14 15

Mustache is considered to be the symbol of adulthood or masculinity in most of the countries around the globe. Especially at initial stage of moustache one wants it grow it faster and thicker for this How to Grow a Mustache Fast at age 12 13 14 15 year age useful at start of mustache age. Some boys just want to have trendy styles of mustache and beard to make themselves look more attractive and fashionable to impress the other gender. The ratio of growth of facial hair largely depends on genetics. Usually it begin to grow as soon as you enter your teenage but in some cases the growth of mustache is very slow and even. Such boys cannot bear a proper mustache even at the end of teen age. So try to maintain them, because they will enhance your personality.

Another reason of Mustache and beard is the attraction of women towards them because now women attract boys with Mustache Trend 2023 and Beard  so Women’s Favorite Beard Styles 2023 that attract them are best to style. Thus, for boys who want to grow their mustache faster at the age of 12,13,14,15 or 16, they should follow the following steps for positive results.

Tips that How to Grow a Mustache Fast:

  • Use an exfoliating facial scrub prepared for men at least once a week. It will remove the dead skin cells and thus promote the hair growth.

Keep your facial skin clean. Wash it with a mild cleanser and warm water every morning. It will also help in the growth of small hair.

  • The products having eucalyptus stimulate facial hair growth, there are various moisturizing creams that have eucalyptus in them as an essential ingredient. Try using these products on daily basics. It will also help in removing dry patches on skin and creates a better environment for facial hair to grow quickly.

You can take multi vitamin that promotes facial hair growth. These dietary supplements like biotin are known for fastening hair and nail growth. But it would be better to consult doctor before using such supplements.

  • Use more amount of vitamin B in your diet as well as your facial beauty products. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are best known for helping in hair growth.
  • Add a proper amount protein your diet. Protein is found in eggs, meat an d nuts in large quantity. Use the food items made up of these basic ingredients to improve hair growth.

A balanced and healthy diet is a key to quick hair growth. Take fruit and vegetables as the main course of your diet. They provide a number of useful minerals and vitamins necessary for hair growth. These vegetables and fruits will also make your skin look fresh and healthy.

  • As the mustache hair begin to grow, they may be uneven in length but make them grow quickly and fully, avoid trimming them or shaving them until they are properly grown. Leave them alone for some time though it would look unattractive but it needs time for proper growth. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will have chance to groom and style them as your own choice.
  • It is wrong belief that shaving hair regularly will make the grow thicker and quicker because there is not any scientific evidence to it. Shaving just lessens the amount of hair on your face rather than stimulating their growth.

At the beginning you might be irritated by the growth of mustache hair. They may cause itching or rash because they do not grow at equal pace. Ask doctor for some soothing cream, if you have this problem. So, you have plenty of tips to follow in order to understand that How to grow a mustache fast at 12 13 14 15 age grow mustache hair faster at teenage.

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