How to Get Rid of Wrinkles around Eyes with Home Remedies

Wrinkle around eyes also known as smile lines, fine lines or ridges that form on the area around eyes. The major reason of the formation of these wrinkles is the inability of body to replace elastin proteins which is necessary for the elasticity of skin that resists the formation of wrinkles. These wrinkles commonly come up with various other problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags under eyes. Aging can be a factor in the formation of wrinkles. As we get older, the skin of our body loses elastin which results in wrinkles under eyes. Exposures to sun, repeated facial expression, poor facial care, genetic factors are some other causes of wrinkles around eyes.

Here are the home remedies that will help to get rid of wrinkles around eyes.

  • Vitamin E is an essential anti oxidant which will help in the reduction of under eye wrinkles. It also benefits the skin by hydrating the epidermis with powerful anti oxidants; it moisturizes the sensitive skin around eyes which makes wrinkles less visible.
  • Coconut oil can be applied around eyes. It will show surprising results in few days. Massage it gently on the wrinkled area and leave it overnight. Regular use of this oil will prevent the wrinkles to appear again.
  • Grape seed oil also works magically in the removal of wrinkles around eyes.
  • Take some mashed avocados and apply on your skin around eyes. It will help to remove wrinkles and make your skin more young and healthy.
  • Fresh cucumber juice can work as refreshing toner and re energizes your skin. You can place cucumber slices on your eyelids which will reduce the wrinkles and lessen to puffy appearance of eyes.
  • You can apply orange juice with a cotton ball around your eyes twice a day but be careful that the juice does not enter your eyes. After few weeks you will find a dominant change.
  • You can place raw potato slices on your eyes that will also help in removal of wrinkles around eyes.
  • In order to prevent wrinkles to appear, you should maintain your health and take proper sleep that is essential to have a healthy skin and resists the pre mature aging of skin.

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