How to Get Rid of the Bump behind a Ear Cartilage Piercing

What to do for how to get rid of the bump behind a ear cartilage piercing when some area behind or from front is affected. The body of the human is very sensitive and any kind of hardness is unbearable. The cartilage piercing is a cruel but the beauty purposes it’s acceptable by ladies. Cartilage piercing is allowable to women in our societies for jewelry purpose. It is also important that the cartilage piercing placement is external important with this piercing. Women are looking so beautiful especially young girls who cartilage piercing. Cartilage piercing is too much popular among women in this age. Now a day’s cartilage piercing is considered a part of traditions. Ear piercing especially an ear lobe piercing is may be one of the oldest from of body piercings. Every ear has different and good piercer and will be choose a placement that offers to women the best chance of a successful piercing. This type of piercing is mostly done ear and nose. An ear cartilage piercing can be done in various locations like external ear, rook, as a tragus and across the helix.

Many of people prefer to pierce their nose cartilage. It is depends on the interest of women which place choose for cartilage piercing. This piercing is a very difficult and very complex procedure so the other types of body caused the serious infection or might be a high risk. Mostly ear piercing is a procedure done mainly for cosmetic purpose not any other health reason.

Another purpose is cartilage piercing to changing the jewelry anytime or any ocean for beauty purpose. There are so many cartilages piercing care instruction to become impressive and effective your body.

Some useful things to get rid of Bump behind a Cartilage Piercing:

  • Wash hand with antibiotic soap thoroughly before touching your studs or ear
  • Clean your ear with sea salt water
  • Clean your piercing twice a day
  • Avoid touching your ear except when cleaning
  • Cover your ears when you using any hair spray or perfume
  • Keep your earring in 8-12 weeks
  • Don’t push your ears left or right
  • Use studex ear care gel twice a day
  • Avoid to touching the towel or any kind of cloth
  • Use H2Ocean Spray for best care of your ears
  • Mange you vitamins
  • Avoid your ear from sunlight

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