How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz on Face

Facial peach fuzz is short, fine and light colored hair that usually has fuzzy appearance. It is due do genetic and hormone related. It is natural to have peach fuzz on upper lips, chin or side buns but some girls have more than the others due to some medical or hereditary conditions, In some exceptional cases they can be on most of the part of a girl’s face that include side buns, upper and lower chin , upper lips, jaw line or forehead. But do not worry its quite normal unless their growth and thickness increases. There are many ways with the help of which, you can remove peach fuzz and can sometimes get rid of them by preventing their further growth.

  • You can use hot and cold wax to remove the peach fuzz. It will take out the hair inside the follicles that will prevent their further appearance for long time. Apply the wax on the hairy area and remove it with strip of cloth that will pull out the hair with it.
  • Threading can also be good option. Use a twisted thread to rub it on your skin that will pull out the hair with it.
  • You can use a plucker or tweezer to out the hair.
  • There are various facial hair removal creams available in market that can remove the peach fuzz in few minutes without any pain.
  • There are various other treatments that are becoming popular from the last decade and are being approved by the dermatologist such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, epilating etc. But is highly recommended that you should use these treatments when you have thick hair and heavy peach fuzz. It will prevent the hair to grow again or lessen the hair growth.
  • The traditional home remedy that was being used since centuries before the introduction of various modern treatments was the rubbing of floor mixed with water on the peach fuzz. It removes the hair with regular use.
  • Those who have very light peach fuzz can just apply moisturizer against the hair growth ad rub it well. It will take off the light thin peach fuzz.

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