How to Get Rid of Chapped lips with Home Remedies

Chapped lips look unattractive and something you cannot make them look good even after applying lipstick. The worst thing about chapped lips is that it can cause pain and sometimes it also bleeds. Here are some of the home remedies that will not only soften the lips but also remove the dead cells and you will eventually get rid of Chapped lips.

  • Use a soft bristled tooth brush to exfoliate your lips. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline before rubbing with brush. Start it from the corners of the lips and gently heading towards the center. After rubbing apply the Vaseline or petroleum jelly once again. You can repeat this process after a week.
  • Dehydration is key cause of chapped lips. Science has proved that a person needs 2 liters of water per day to hydrate his body. Those who have chapped, dry and flaky lips drink less amount of water. Drink a lot of water to avoid these problems.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to diet. It will provide the required minerals and antioxidants to make your lips healthy and soft.
  • Apply Vaseline of your chapped lips before going to sleep at night and leave it overnight. This daily application will provide the needed moisture to your lips and prevent dryness and don’t allow them to become flaky and chapped.
  • Mix equal amount of olive oil and sugar until it makes a pasty texture. Apply it on your lips and scrub off the flakes. Then rinse off your lips with water.
  • Always apply a lip balm before the application of lipstick or gloss. Do not forget to apply it on the corners which can be the driest part of lips. Keep on applying the lip balm throughout the day to make them not to chap again.
  • Do not use flavored chapped stick. Always use the medicated one and apply it on your lips twice a day.
  • Do not lick your lips. Licking is soothing for a while but as soon as the saliva evaporates, the lips become more dry and begin to pain.
  • Apply fresh cream of milk on your lips at night to moisten them naturally.

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