How to Do Tie Dye Nails without Water Step by Step at Home

Step by Step tutorial which help for understanding that How to Do Tie Dye Nails without Water at Home. Tie dye trend is famous in America and it will start form shirts through which one can print specific design on shirt with a proper technique. This trend will run from a long period of time and now it will extend up to nails. Now same design is make on nails but this time technique is different and most importantly water that is consider as necessary is not used while one is going to do tie dye on nails. Multiple nail polish colors are used to make tie dye nails so one must take care that use nail polish color of same company. When one make this tie dye at home then such type of happenings are occur. Nail polish color of different companies has different shine. So never do such kind of experiments to make a good tie dye nails.

Process to do tie dyes Nails:

  • Start with a safety precaution in which one need to tape the edge of fingers where its need to apply a base coat.
  • Tie dye colors are start with the paint of white base coat.
  • Then start with a small circle of first color on the area of that part of Nail from where one can need to start this process. This small circle is enough wet that later on one can mesh it with other nail colors.
  • After first circle make another circle that is different in color and spate from first one. This circle need must also need enough wet that later on it will mix with other.
  • Carry on this follow with different colors until nail will fill.
  • Now time will come for where finishing of this tie dye pattern will going to complete. For this grab the toothpick and place the point on the middle of the first color that you applied. Drag the toothpick outwards in a straight line. You can even try swirling the colors.
  • As this process will complete and one feel that now design will complete then remove the tape that circle around the edges of nails.

One must need to dry nail polish colors, fir this wait for a period of time and at end make a nail shiner that will must enhance the shine of nail colors. Through this process when one complete Tie Dye Nails it will long lasting and must remain in shape for a period of time.

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