How to Do Makeup with Blue Eyes and Brown Hair

Eyes are very prominent part of our face and women waste more time to make them attractive. Here we share with you How to Do Makeup with Blue Eyes and Brown Hair. For the attraction of their eyes women use different eye shadow colors, mascara and eye liner according to their dress color. As you know there are different eyes colors and in this modern age makeup doing according to your eyes color. This thing makes eyes more noticeable and gorgeous, so be careful before choosing eye makeup. Makeups change your over all look and women do makeup to make their personality charming.

  • Makeup with blue eyes and brown hair is very difficult but not impossible. Here we tell you some effective tips which help you for making makeup with blue eyes and brown makeup.

Craze of Makeup:

As we know, enhance of women have a craze of makeup, women by naturally likes a makeup they love every type of makeup but the paramount makeup is eye makeup. Majority of women wants to decor herself in everywhere, and also they wants that her eye makeup according to her taste….so, seniority goes beauty salon.

Formal Eye-Makeup:

We apply coat of base before apply color apply on our face. But the women didn’t do before start the eyes makeup. This is a mistake. Firstly women should apply the base cot on eyes and then use any color on the eye for makeup. As usual everyone wants that she look most beautiful. So apply these restrictions.

Select your Eyeshadow :

If you think eyes is the major thing that glow your personality. So you should take much care before you choose shade for eyes. With the help of wonder eye makeup you looks like gorgeous..Recollect the colors of shade are mostly depending on your eyes color. for example if you have brown or hazel colored eyes so you mostly apply dark color for your eyes….as red, blue, cooper etc….

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes:

Your eyes are stunning in every color but if you have light blue colored eyes, so you looking like captivating. So you apply specific color for these types of eyes. You mostly apply dark brown, golden and orange colors. To apply these colors you look charming…Your friends and everybody who will know you will praise your eyes.

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