How to Do Leopard Print Nails with Toothpick Dotting Tool Pencil Eraser

Details of How to do Leopard Print Nails with Toothpick Dotting Tool Pencil Eraser are effective ways to achieve this purpose step by step at home. Further procedure and some useful tips before starting and how to do leopard print nails are given there. Everyone does loves with fashion, beauty and latest styles. There are so many people in the world whose wear unexpected fashion, style and latest design. The world is full of a lot of different styles and fashion because this entire world is full of beauty. There are so many people in the world that’s too much like to wear newly styles and this craze is found especially women.

Women want to become more and more beautiful and stylish with their fashion and beauty. There is different type of fashion likes dresses, hair styles, beauty and cosmetics and nail fashion. The leopard print nails are one of the excellent fashion and styles in the world and too much popular among the women in the world.

Because animal print nail is having the great, unique and simplest look to impress someone and use these types of animal nail pattern show the love with this animal. Mostly women want to wear leopard print nails but they don’t know how to use effectively and they asked about the methods how to do leopard print nails at home and they want to wear this fashion for at home, among friend and wear for some special event and occasions. These leopard nail design is the different and latest fashion.

There are so many methods how to do leopard print nails at home step by step which are including

  • First of all clean their nails beyond their finger end effectively.
  • Remove existing nail polish with nail cotton bowl or other different things.
  • Use two or three coats of base color or primer with polish stick.
  • Apply nail paint on their nails.
  • Make sure their nails should be complete dry and ready for this amazing fashion.
  • Take a piece of card and fall few drops of nail paint on this card of precious or different colors which easily dip the paint or polish stick.
  • Take one polish stick and dip into this paint on card piece and make some dots which looks like leopard print nails.
  • One can also use Toothpick that dip in paint and one can get a shape of leopard on nails.
  • Dotting Tool is also effective to make a sketch like leopard on nails.
  • Pencil Eraser is also use for this purpose but if one use Pencil Eraser then there is not any need of any new paint one can use pencil eraser when nail paint is not fully dry. Through this it’s also possible to get a sketch like leopard.
  • Clear the paint on the corner of the nail in circular sides.

This is step by step procedure for the purpose that how to Do Leopard Print Nails with a Toothpick Dotting Tool Pencil Eraser. Further some pictures of Leopard Print Nails are also updated that must help one to choose one attractive nail design.

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