How to Do Jumbo Senegalese Twist with Kanekalon Hair

Kanekalon hair is very popular among the hairstylist and modern African American women because it’s very easy to style them. This form of hair is looking natural, light and softer then other hair texture. Here we share with you How to Do Jumbo Senegalese Twist with Kanekalon Hair. So with Kanekalon is the best choice if some one wants to do Senegalese twists. Senegalese twists not only popular among Afro women but also other countries because it’s very easy to modify in different styles. One can use natural hair or hair extension during the making process of Senegalese twists .People adopt different hairstyles as fashion, traditional and occasional. Through stylish hairstyles you can improve your image in personal grooming and fashion sense.

There are some hairstyles which belong to different events and have traditional value.Nowadays without fashionable hairstyling any event does not consider complete. In different civilizations women decorate their hair with many kinds of hair accessories at especial occasion. The accessories which have women often use in their hair such as natural flowers, pearls hair jewelry, colorful ribbons etc.

Beside this there are many twisted hairstyle which is popular among women like Plain old twists ,French twists ,mini twists, Big twists in bun with twist out bang, flat twists and many more. Flat twist or mini twists working very well with African American Women hair texture and also with other hair texture.

How to Do Jumbo Senegalese Twist with Kanekalon Hair:

  • Natural Curly wet hair is the best choice for hair twisting because dry hair can be damage during the making process of twists.
  • If you have naturally long hair is better for jumbo Senegalese twists otherwise you try with hair extensions.
  • Before hairstyling wash your hair with best quality shampoo according to your hair type. Clean hairs give you a good result because it soft, silky and smooth after wash.

After this process separate a small section hair from the front of forehead then starting the single twist. Tie the other hair with small hair clip so that these hairs do not disturb during making the twist. Repeat this process with all hairs and complete Senegalese twists.

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