How To Do a French Bustle on a Wedding Dress Train Sew Instructions

There are many wedding which are being organized in these days just because of good weather. There are many wedding girls who are excited about getting married. So we are here with the very informative post for all the women who are looking to know that How To Do a French Bustle on a Wedding Dress Train Sew Instructions. We have given you all the detailed process of how to sew a french bustle on a wedding dress. This post will facilitating you because the alteration of the wedding dress is not easy at all and it can be very expensive sometime so here we have given you some instruction that can be prove good for you and can work for saving your money.

But all the person who are very impatient or procrastinating they can not do that, it a time resuming project that will take tine and for most parts of its are boring and some of them will be scared while doing that so we are informing you before doing that.

Before doing that you have to get relax and make your mind that time will take at least 2 to 3 afternoons to work out on this with having breaks of 10 minutes and washing your hands for every 20 to 30 minutes to ensure that the oils from your hands will not be soil the fabric of the dress. Have a look under here we have given you the detailed process.

How To Do a French Bustle on a Wedding Dress Train Sew Instructions?

If you are looking for the answer of how to install a french bustle you will need Wedding dress (work great on satin A-line with 3 seams in the back an chapel train or longer), dress form, measuring tape, grosgrain ribbon, 1 sheet of felt,sharp straight pins, thin needle and white polyester thread.

  • If you are having this thing there is nothing hard to install a french bustle in your wedding dress. So get these things and get it done with ease.

How to Make a French Bustle?

You have to cut a one inch square of felt and cut 2 ribbons (6 inches) of each pattern and color. After that seal the both ends of the ribbons with anything that can attach them such as glue or nail polish. Noe sew a ribbon on a felt square greatly that can not be open and you will get it done. So that’s it what you were trying to do.

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