How to Care For Baby’s Belly Button After Umbilical Cord Falls Off

How to care for baby’s belly button after Umbilical cord falls off because without proper care it cause major damage for baby girl or boy. When baby is born there is a lot of happiness by the parents. Making care of their babies are the great responsibility of their parents. A lot of People are worries about their children and so conscious about their babies after the baby births. There don’t know about the true care for baby’s belly button after umbilical cord falls off. Basically when baby is born the umbilical cord is cut and there is a stump left. The stump should dry and fall off. This stump clean with the water and cord fall off naturally and don’t try to pull it off. Babies receive nourishment and oxygen through the placenta and this attached with the mother uterus and the placenta is connected with umbilical cord. This is also attached with the babied abdomen.

Most of people are worries after the umbilical cord falls off baby’s suffering from the foul smelling, yellow drainage from the cord. Baby’s belly button is after this process making redness and swelling occur and tenderness of the skin around the cord. There are several methods to care for baby’s belly button after umbilical cord falls off. Through these methods there is no need to be worry about the best care of baby’s belly button. These methods are extreme helpful for the care of baby’s belly button.

These care are including

  • Keep neat and clean this area
  • Keep this area dry
  • Allow the cord to heal naturally
  • Don’t bath your baby’s in a sink or special tub and bath your baby’s in fan areas because this area will be quick dry and give your baby sponge bath
  • Don’t rub this area that’s caused of irritation
  • Avoid dressing your baby in body suit and different styles
  • Always washy your and before and after the handling the stump and changes the nappy
  • Baby wear just diaper and loose t-shirts
  • Never attempt to pull of stump even its looks like hanging
  • Don’t cover the cord stump

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