How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair with Home Remedies Naturally

Just here, tips with minimum side effects and naturally how to bleach upper lip hair with home remedies! All of these are quite effective home remedies. They will too be slowing down your upper lip hair growth: Remedy 1″ You have to take little quantity of that turmeric powder and add milk to it, make sure that you have to prepare a paste. Just apply it on your upper lip area. When you will see that it has dried up then you can remove it by just rubbing it off. “Remedy 2” You just have to make a thick paste of that turmeric along with the addition of water, apply it on your hair growth. Right after ½ means half hour, you have to remove it, you can either do that by rubbing it gently and you can also wash that paste. You will see that your hair growth will just reduce eventually.

Remedy 3

You can also mix lemon and also sugar, and water. Just apply it on your upper lips area. Right after about 10-15 minutes, you have to wash with cold water. One get best result from it without any single side effects naturally.

Remedy 4

You have to take egg white. just add one tsp of corn flour and also sugar in it. Just mix it, make a sticky paste and apply it on that upper lip region. Now your have to peel it off. If you will be following this tip for 2 to 4 times a week then we are sure that you will be seeing your hair growth becomes slow down. Another best way to get rid of these hair is through Tweeze or Plucking Upper Lip Hair without using bleach. Although through plucking pain is a major problem but through this procedure pain must going minimum.

Remedy 5

You have to take Chana dal flour and after taking it just add a pinch of turmeric and also milk in it. You have to blend well so that you can make a thick paste. Just before applying this paste, you have to add one teaspoon of fresh cream. Now apply at your upper lip area and get rid from these hairs.

Remedy 6

You can also take 2 tsp of sugar in a pan, just heat it. You should also add one tsp fresh lemon juice, just stir it for one minute, a sticky liquid paste will be prepared. You have to let it cool and then you can apply that sticky liquid paste on unwanted hair. Just take a cotton cloth and put that sticky liquid paste on that cloth, now pull it from bottom quickly like the way you do waxing. This is how to bleach upper lip hair with home remedies naturally!

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