How to Apply Liquid Foundation Perfectly With Fingers?

A appropriate way that how to apply liquid foundation with fingers perfectly is must to follow. Every woman always wants to look beautiful and have an eye catching personality. It is then possible, when your skin is clean, fresh and glowing. As a woman you play different just like a house wife. A college girl, a working woman as well, in all these roles your skin face different atmosphere. So that you need extra care of your skin that is why your impression is long lasting and others women follow their personality. Liquid foundation is one of the ficklest products to apply. It is not easy to apply a liquid foundation for this purpose use different tricks and thickness. Best way for applying a liquid foundation you need that thing.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation Perfectly With Fingers

Firs of all make sure to have the Required Things For Apply Liquid Foundation. And these items are:

  1. Face cleanser
  2. Moistures if your skin dry
  3. Concealer
  4. Your favorite liquid foundation
  5. Sponge

Step 1: First of all before applying a liquid foundation your skin is neat, clean and ready to apply for foundation. Choose a best quality of facial cleanser or cleansing milk then apply on your face and massage gently with finger tips five to ten minutes. After this wash with water and pat dry. Through this process you make skin ready for applying liquid foundation.

  • Step 2: After cleansing your face you apply a little bit of moistures if your skin is dry. Dry skin required moisture if your skin is oily don’t apply moistures because after some time your skin is looking extra oily and greasy, so keep in mind this secret before applying liquid foundation.

Step 3: Concealer.If your face have a dark sports, dark circle then apply a concealer under your eyes and dark sports areas even.

Step 4: Most important thing of this process is to choose a best quality of liquid foundation. Before purchasing your foundation test it back of your hand and then buy it. Always choose best product for your face because its result is mind blowing and extra ordinary.

Method for applying liquid foundation:

Put a small amount of liquid foundation on your back of your hand and then apply with finger tips on your face just like forehead, cheeks, nose and your chin as well. Blend this foundation even with you finger tips all over your face. Take a sponge and blend this foundation into your neck, ears, hear lines. Finish your look with loose setting powder that matches your skin tone. Apply powder to a puff and gently pet the makeup over the face.

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