How to Apply Lipstick and Lip Gloss Perfectly?

For perfection, its necessary to understand that How to apply lipstick and lip gloss perfectly? Beautiful face wants to every women and girl. For this they apply many things to enhance your beauty. Women use different tricks and things to look pretty and everybody praise their beauty. The beauty concept is not only the creation of new generation but it’s continuing thousand year ago. In past women and girls also apply homemade tips. Nowadays makeup is most important thing to enhance beauty and the main thing of makeup is lipstick. Several women look worry about their lipstick applying that their lipstick is not look like a celebrity lipstick style .the reason is their lipstick apply by professional persons for this its look beautiful.

  • There are millions of gorgeous and beautiful lipsticks out there, but to apply them perfectly is not as easy as it looks. For this purpose you do something extra effort and required some necessary things. Here we mention some tips for apply lipstick perfectly and lip gloss. So fellow these tips and gain you result.

Tips for How to Apply Lipstick and Lip Gloss Perfectly are given there..

Things are required and will need.

  1. A lip scrub
  2. A deep lip moisturizing conditioner
  3. A lip liner of same color of lipstick
  4. Two lip brushes, one is small and other is big
  5.  A gorgeous lipstick
  6. A lip gloss


Step one: First of all scrub your lips gently with a branded lip scrub. When you complete this process then you start second step.

Step two: When you apply scrub then leave it for few moments. After this you start your second step, remove scrub from your lips and apply moisturizer for their softness.

  • Step three: Apply lip liner according to your lips and make sure the lines are even.
  • Step Four: Fill in the lipstick to make it last longer and stay it better. Apply those color which you suit her lips.
  • Step Five: Do not apply lipstick straight because through this your lipstick is not looking good. Use lip brush for applying lipstick. Move the brush vertically along the lines of your lips; this gives a more even result’s.

Step Six: Clean up any mistake with a q-tip and after this apply lip liner again if required. After this apply lip gloss to enhance your lips beauty. Apply lip gloss over lipstick. These steps are enough to understand that how you can apply lipstick and Lip Gloss Perfectly on your lips. So try it.

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