How to Apply Lip Gloss Properly Step by Step

Every girl wants to have glossy and shiny lips instead of dry and rough. To apply gloss to have shiny lips is now in fashion. Mat lipsticks are no longer in fashion for young girls. Many types of lip gloss are available in markets a complete range of colors and glitters. You can have lip gloss in tube, liquid bottle, a roll on stick or thick gel like gloss in jag. Some girls cannot handle the gloss properly. We will guide you with some useful tips that how you can apply lip gloss perfectly.

How to Apply Lip Gloss Properly?

If you have dead cells on your lips, moisturize your lips with some lotion and after few minutes take a cotton ball and remove the dead cells. For dry and crack on lips, apply a lip balm before applying lip gloss or lipstick.

  • The best tip to retain the lipstick or lip gloss on your lips for long time, to apply a very thin and even layer of foundation or face powder.

Step by Step Tutorial How to Apply Lip Gloss Properly is there..

For a neat look, use a liner according to your lip color and make a boundary of both the lips. The color of the liner should be a little darker than your natural lip color, for a nude look. Now carefully fill in the border line of the lower lip and then the upper lip.

Combine both the lips to have an even look. This pressing of lips against one another will smudge the lip liner and the gloss to give a natural look. If you find any excessive gloss on the sides, carefully remove it with a tissue or cotton ball.

  • To have bright and glossy lips at once, you just have to apply lipstick before the application of gloss. After apply the liner, fill in lips with your chosen color of lipsticks. Press the lips and remove the excess from the corners. Then apply the gloss as mentioned above.

It should be considered that the color of gloss must be lighter than the color of lipstick that will suit more and enhance the color of lipstick as well.

  • If you have a roll on gloss, apply it in circular motion on lip and then press both the lips to have a even look.
  • If you have gel like thick gloss, take a little amount of gloss on your finger and apply it like a chap stick

To apply a liquid gloss, use an applicator stick. You can only apply it in the centre and press your lips together for even distribution of gloss.

  • To have lip gloss on your lips for a long time, a petroleum jelly works very well. You can apply it and then the lip gloss on lips.

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