How to Apply Kajal Pencil on Upper Eyelid

Many of the girls do not know how to apply kajal pencil, they do not have this idea that how they can apply this eye pencil on upper eyelid! If you want to know about the easiest method, if you want to have perfection while applying the kajal pencil then read out the below mentioned golden steps:

Apply Loose Powder

If you have these kinds of oily lids then make sure that you do apply some loose powder on your lids, you can either apply some foundation or base to make your lids matte. In this the application of kajal pencil will retain on your eyes for longer time.

Starting From The Center Of The Lid

You have to start from the center of the lid and then you can move your way out. After this you have to make sure to keep pencil slanted, it can make the liner to move easily. Every time you have to make short strokes and you do not have to draw the complete line in just one time.

Move Outwards

Then after getting done from the centre portion, you have to move outwards. Then you have to come inward. You have to keep the outer most corner much thicker and then you can retrace the liner right on the outer corner so that it can look thicker

Extending The Liner Inward

Now just from the center, you can extend the liner inward. You have to go inward so that you can make a thinner line. You have to keep the pencil pointed so that you can get a thin line.

Connecting The Lines

Now what you need to is that you have to make the connection in the lines which you make in the inner side and also at the outer side, just connect those lines with the help of that kajal pencil and you are all done now.

Now you know how to apply kajal pencil and that too on upper eyelid! You can too follow this exact and same method if you have been applying the makeup on your upper eyelid with the help of liquid pencil, you have to follow the same steps. Make sure that it is your eyes that can first capture the attention of any one, the more prominent they will be, then you does not have to do lot of makeup on your face.

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