How to Apply Cream Blush with a Brush on a Round Face

Your makeup will remain incomplete if you don’t use the blush hence it is very important component of makeup and women love to use it in a regular routine. Blushes are available in powdered form, liquid form and in cream form. Choosing among these is your personal decision. Powdered blush is made from colorants, talc and from many other additives and it is easy to apply, while cream blush is made from waxes, colorants, oil and many other additives. It is also easy to apply but first you need to practice this how to apply this so that the color doesn’t get clump or streak. These blushes are available in sticks, compact cases, small pots or sticks.

  • It is applied on the light moisture or you can directly apply it on the bare skin. It can easy to blend with cosmetic sponge, or with your finger. Moreover, blush brushes are available in the market to blend it into the cheeks.

Most women who have dry skin prefer to use cream blush as it give moisture to their skin. It provides a long-lasting, soft glow. In addition it also gives you a youthful look. Due to its shimmery touch it is best to apply it for evenings.

Furthermore, this can be the best alternative for the lipstick thus you can also use it as a lip color. But here is the problem. Everyone has its own face shape. Faces are of round, heart, oval, square and long shape. If you apply it rightly according to your face shape then you will look slimy.

Thus a right application of blush will give you a perfect smart and photogenic look. So, the application of this differs from shape to shape. Tips: Here is the general method to apply this onto the face, just wipe a small amount of cream blush onto the palate. Take a brush add blush onto it. Then apply it onto the cheekbone. Next is to blend the blush with the brush keep adding and blending until you don’t get your desired color. If you want that it last longer then apply a layer of transparent compact powder over the applied area.

  • In the above we have discussed the general application of cream blush on any face shape. Now in this article, let us discuss how to apply it onto the round face while enhancing and maintaining the cuteness of the round face. Start from the right beneath the iris then apply the blush with the brush and look onward to your temple. Continue this by doing the upward and downward motion.

In little dabs blend it you can also add more blush if you don’t get your desired color. In round face shape the main purpose is to draw a triangle that will point to your nose. Best is to make a smile, add more blush in the middle of your face and leave some space from your ears. One more thing, select that color which matches to your skin tone. By applying in this way you will enhance your beauty.

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