Healthy Diet Plan for Women to Reduce Weight

To maintain weight for women in their busy routines has become really difficult. They have not even enough time to save time from their tough schedules for gym. Eating fast food and unhealthy easy to cook food has become common and it is major cause of various health problems for women. This food is also fattening. When women take notice of their increased weight, it is already very late. Now they find it really so tough to reduce weight. Due to the shortage of time, they cannot join a gym and to lose weight they try to follow some diet plan and want results quickly which is not possible. They might believe that diets do not work to them. It might be right because traditional diet do not work at least not in long term because it is not the question of eating nothing and fasting for whole day. It is to eat less but the quality healthy food. In this article we have discussed some of the tips to avoid common dieting pit falls and achieve long lasting weight loss success.

Health Diet Plan for Women to Reduce Weight

It should be understood that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will definitely gain weight and vise versa. So let us consider facts and figures. As 3,500 calories are equal to 1 pound of fat, if you just reduce 500 calories from your food of each day, after a week you will reduce approximately 1 pound of weight as 500*7=3500. There is no need to feel cranky and starving which will make yourself miserable. You just have to change your life style. You have to look for healthy choices and preferences. Don’t go for short time diet plans.

Think for a life time change. You can find various diet plans which will rapidly cause weight lose but as soon as you stop to follow this plan and come to normal routine, your weight begins increase very quickly. So it’s important to have change in life style for long term weight maintenance. Your target should be one or two pounds weight loss every week. This will ensure your healthy weight reduces. Weigh yourself regularly to keep the tack of every inch or pound. When ever you get the positive result, it will keep you motivated.

You should make a chart of calories in the each food item that you are eating and make an estimated to total of it. At first, you can have some experiments which will help you to choose the perfect diet food that make you individual self satisfied because for long tem dieting this satisfaction is important.

To lose weight you have to eat fewer calories and it does not necessarily mean you have to eat less food. You can eat to the full, which dieting as long as you choose food intelligently. High fiber foods are higher in volume and take longer time to digest which makes them felling and they also fulfill the purpose of weight loss. A high fiber food includes:

  • Fruit and vegetables: A person on diet can enjoy eating all types of fruits and leafy green vegetables. These natural foods contain many minerals and vitamins which are 100% healthy
  • Beans: you can eat every type of beans in salads and soaps and enjoy eating them to the fullest.
  • Whole grains: you can take high fiber cereal, oatmeal, brown bread, whole wheat biscuits and rusks.

These all high fiber foods are safe to eat as much as you want and when ever you want. Try to eat vegetables in raw and steamed form, not in fried form. You can also add nuts and cheese in your salads in less quantity. If you love meat, you can eat boiled or steamed fish, water intake is also very essential for weight reduce.

So, the failure or success of your weight loss efforts is largely based on your food environment. Set yourself up for success by taking charge of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.

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