Hair Transplant Procedure, Cost, Risks, Side Effects and Recovery Time

When hair loss increases to such an extent that you can see ballad patches on your head, you begin to think of hair transplant. As health and youth, most of us take hair loss for granted until it leads to baldness. Hair transplant is the surgical procedure with which you can have full hair on your head. This procedure is being used in U. S since 1950s. In this surgery, a narrow strip of hair bearing scalp is taken from the back of head and is used to fill the areas with less or no hair.

This surgical procedure is carried out under anesthesia. The Surgeon first cleans the head then takes out the hair bearing strip of scalp. He then sews the scalp close. After it the taken strip of scalp is divided in hundred of small grafts. Each containing few hairs. This division depends on the thickness, color, texture of hair and the area being transplanted. When the grafts are prepared the surgeon makes the slits in the scalp where are grafts are to placed with the help of sepal and place the grafts delicately, it approximately take 4 to 8 hours in the surgery depending on the area transplanted.


The cost of the surgical process of hair transplant is in between $ 40000 to $ 15000 according to the area being transplanted.

Recovery Time:

After the surgery, you may have to take pain relieving medicine for few days. Your surgeon will make you wear a scalp dressing for two to three days. Usually people return to work within 5 to 6 days. After few works you will see the transplanted hair have fallen but in few months the new hair will begin to grow. Within 6 to 9 months the 60 % of hair growth will be complete. The surgeon may prescribe the drugs aiding the hair growth to fasten the process.

Risks and Side Effects:

  • The hemorrhage is a common side effect in the process of grafting. It is a risk of hemorrhage during or just after the surgery which can be avoided by consulting the well experienced cosmetic surgeon.
  • Infection or inflammation is also expected after hair transplant.
  • Severe itching in scalp can be caused as a side effect.
  • Scaring can caused in the scalp of patients have strip plantation.
  • Cysts begin to develop in scalp.
  • Swelling is a common side effect.
  • Bleeding is a rare chance after transplant.

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