Female, Male African Tribal Makeup Tutorial

Africa has many tribes that have unique customs and tradition. Their make up techniques and styles are quite different from those of African Americans living in America or other parts of the world. Choosing a tribal make up look can be fantastic as a theme of some party. It will definitely help you to relate to your roots and promote your exclusive African culture. Tribal make up designs are based upon a particular purpose. So you have to decide before hand that whether you are wearing tribal make up for just a cool different look or want to use it before hand that whether you are wearing tribal make up for just a cool different look or want to use it for Halloween party which is the part of your costume. These are usually masks. Read this article to get complete tutorial of tribal face designs that were very popular among African tribes. These designs were painted on the faces of both the genders male and female on specific occasions. The tribal tattoo enthusiasts were fond of these designs. So here is a neutral tribal look that points to a general theme rather than a specific culture.

A tribal theme easily to form can be done by focusing on three different elements of these designs.

  1. Firstly you have to form two thick lines on both sides of the face with white face paint. Add white on one bare arm and neck that will compliment the face paint.
  2. The eyes should stand out with the white thick boundaries around them.
  3. Now have small white dots all over the face between the thick white lines.

This tribal look is very cool and can be adopted by male and female both on any cultural festival.

You can have patterns of black as guided below.

  1. Draw sequential patterns of black on forehead and around eyes.
  2. Just like a picture of wild cat, you have to draw patterns on both cheeks near nose.

Draw a thick line on the centre of the lower lip heading towards the chin. So your easily tribal look is ready. You can have these patterns on only one side of face and one arm. It will add more drama to your African tribal look and will surely be a revival of African primitive culture in this modern world.

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