Essie Nail Polish Summer Collection 2023 Six Haute Colors List Name

As summer pass Essie introduce some new colors and now Essie Nail Polish new Summer Collection for 2023 that cover six Haute Colors swatches shades that give a cool look to your nails. These new colors are launched when heat is going high and in this type of season these colors give pleasant look. Another beauty of this collection is that whole colors include in it are not soft. A color that is named as Haute in the Heat is unique and dark. From external look this color sees to burn the nails but actually it gives some unique and soft feelings. With this option of matching dresses with nail polish color is going higher. These nail polish colors are enough that one can match with every dress color.

Most expected this is last nail polish collection launched by Essie. May be they add some new colors in this collection if this will happen then they are also add in this list.

  • Urban Jungle
  • Fierce, no Fear
  • Roarrannge
  • Strut your Stuff
  • Ruffles and Feathers
  • Haute in the Heat

Source of Colors and Images of Nail Polish:

Essie is top Nail polish brand that is not limited to a country. Women from whole over the world are permanently users of this nail polish brand. For them most important thing is the shades of nail polish. They integrate shades in two ways that are quality long lasting and shine of colors that will suit on her nails matching with dress. Sometime nail polish color is like dress but it will not good to naked eyes. These whole things are combined in Essie Nail Polish colors. Now it’s time for the announcement of Essie Nail Polish Summer Collection 2023 whose Six Haute Colors List Name are hopefully enough for user information.

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