Essie Nail Polish Review 2023

Essie is a well established and highly recommended brand of nail polish. It has a complete range of amazing shades of nail polish which include a variety of tones of blue, red, green, yellow, golden, copper and etc. there is also distinguishing a range of mat and shiny glittered polishes that looks stunning and elegant at the same time. They also offer you to have a variety of innovative effects like restyling line. The sleek stick nail appliqués are trendy and stylish. These shades with an exclusive award winning formula are always classic and elegant. In 2023 it provides flawless coverage and an outstanding deniability.

Bottle: Essie nail polish has small square shaped bottle with Essie logo embossed on it and a smooth plastic cap with embossed “L” on it. It has thin and comparatively shorter brush than the other nail polishes. The bristles are flexible enough to help you in fanning it out on the nail and allowing an even application of nail polish on your nail.

  • Formula: Essie is formulated in such a way that it has a squishy, watery texture that easily spread on the nail. Its texture also helps in even application and makes it quick to dry. So, if you are in a rush, Essie is the best brand of nail polish to choose and apply.

Shades: Essie provides you with a huge range of shades. For this winter, it has launched its collection of dark, cozy and bright shades. Some of its exclusive shades with the tons are discussed.

Essie parka perfect: It is a blue-grey shade with subtle sparkling effects. It is like the little snowflakes spreading on the surface.

  • Essie Sable collar: It is a Smokey reddish brown with a metallic shimmer. It appears to be very sophisticated with a candlelight glow in it.

Essie shearing darling: it is dried red blood color which looks stunning with dark winter dress.

  • Essie mined your mittens: It is s blackened teal cream that leans more towards blue with a ting of grey in it. It is very smooth and pigmented those only need 2 coats.

Essie warm and toasty turtleneck it is a cool shade of mauve that dries quickly into a bit darker than the shade of bottle. In a nutshell, this collection has brilliant and amazing shades that appeal to almost all types of women and girls.

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